Health Regime with a Difference


Health is wealth is an old idiom that has been like a golden rule always. There is another aspect to this idiom and that is, we understand the value of health only when we lose our health. This is also in accordance with the basic human nature. We actually do not place much value on things that we have. We tend to place value on things only when we actually lose them. This is perhaps the most ironical thing, but one that is common to all human beings.  

Staying healthy is not just our individual concern but it should also be a community concern for all of us. The science of epigenetics has proven beyond all doubt that the real source of all kinds of wonderful healing is right here within our bodies.

Epigenetics is the science that studies the effect of energies down to the cellular levels in the living creatures. This involves the thought energy also. In many of our earlier articles we have shown that thoughts have energy that affects us deeply and perpetually. The science of epigenetics shows us how this exactly happens at the cellular levels.

The human body contains billions of stem cells. Stem cells are embryonic and adult cells, the main purpose of which is to repair and replace damaged tissues and organs. The process of healing of the human body is largely dependent upon the activity of these stem cells. Earlier, it was considered that the activities at the cellular levels are a resultant of our genetic makeup. But, through epigenetics now we know that the information that creates healing and other kinds of rejuvenation processes in the human body are received from outside of the body. This is the real meaning of epigenetic control of functionality. The word epi means external.

This external influence comes in the form of our subconscious thought process. Epigenetics has shown that the energy generated in the human body by our thoughts is the main energy that controls various processes at the cellular levels. This is evident when we see examples of people suffering with even the most chronic diseases feeling better with the placebo effect created by the medicines given to them that in reality do not have any better effect than a sugar pill. 

Evolution has taught us some lessons, which are deeply etched within our subconscious minds. One such lesson is that closeness with nature and natural things brings a feeling of deep well being within us. This is quite easy to feel. Just answer a simple question. What makes you feel better – a concrete building or a lush garden? The answer is evident and is universal in appeal.

We can picture the positive thinking process as something that we need to work at two levels. One level is our constant effort in thinking positive thoughts, which bring good energy to our system at the cellular levels. The second is to constantly try to reverse the negative lessons stored in our subconscious minds. This is both a conscious activity and habit building exercise. Just like the subconscious mind stores all previous inputs, it stores the present day inputs also. So even if the old inputs are never fully erased they certainly get subdued and may not show evidently if constant effort to negate the negativity is kept up. 

Many meditation processes involve closeness with nature either in person or in visualization. This is done because the easiest way to start thinking better thoughts and feel at peace is to feel one with nature. When we think better it is hundred percent guaranteed that we will also feel better.
Hence, making the process of changing our thoughts a deliberate exercise is the best health regime that all of us must accept and implement.

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