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What is Health Now?

what is health

What is Health?The question in the title is very important, and I think we should all have this question in mind and look for a complete answer. However, the truth is that we only ask about health when we have a serious problem. The World Health Organization establishes an official definition of health that defined health in its broadest sense in 1946 as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not simply the absence of disease or disease." For 1946 it was not a bad definition, but let's face it, times have changed and life has evolved since then, so today we have two new aspects of health to consider: emotional and spiritual health. If we take a step back and try to see the "big picture" we realize that every aspect of health influences the other aspects, for example, if someone has an emotional problem, it will cause physical, spiritual, mental and social problems. So, it is very important to solve the problem when we see it for the first time, even if we do not believe that an emotional problem is important. In the incipient phase, the emotional problem could be solved by simply talking to a friend, but if we let it develop, you might need serious professional help. After this example, I think you'll want to know more about every aspect of health, so let's see what they mean and how we can improve them.

Physical health, the first thing that comes to mind when I think about perfect physical health are babies, they are the best example because they run everywhere and use their energy until they fall asleep. If we could do the same, I'm sure we would have better physical health. A definition of physical health would be that it is a state in which all organs work well 100% of the time, so for that to happen we have to give our body good nutrients, good exercise and enough rest. It may sound too simple, but it should not be more complicated than this.

Mental health: a good example for this is the inventor Thomas Alva Edison, he tried and failed thousands of times more to invent the light bulb, but he was mentally strong enough not to give up, and finally he succeeded. Mental health is a state of well-being that allows you to reach your true potential and contribute to the community. It may seem strange to some of you, but actually helping others is the best thing we can do and it keeps us happy and healthy, so to improve your mental health start by helping the people around you, I can tell you that I'm sure you You will feel very good when doing it.

Emotional health: imagine a little girl on a Christmas night opening her gifts, which for me is an example of good emotional health, because gratitude and happiness are the healthiest emotions for us. I believe that emotional health is about feeling good, grateful, happy and not being afraid to share these emotions with all the people with whom we interact. A good way to improve our social health is by doing the physical and mental exercises that we like to do, for example, if you like to play tennis and chess, do it as often as you can.

Social health: the best indicator for social health is the ability to make friends. The social aspect of health is very important, because we are social beings and it is scientifically proven that if someone is sick and their loved ones are with them, they recover faster than if they were left alone. A tip on how to improve your social health would be to understand the fact that "it is good to be important, but it is more important to be nice".

Spiritual health: it is the most important aspect of health from my point of view because it influences all aspects of our health and is often neglected. We have to take care of our soul, just as we take care of our physical body and the best way to do it is through meditation. Please, do not be scared if you do not know what meditation is or how you can do it, because it is much easier than you think, in fact you do not have to do anything, just stay quiet and in silence. If you can remain still and quiet for 15 minutes a day and gradually increase this interval to one hour per day, it will have a great influence on your spiritual health and your general health as well.

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