Tips for skin care my list of the best six

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Tips for skin care my list of the best six

skin care tips

Skin care tips - The right advice for skin care can make the difference between having a special appearance and having the type of skin that makes you the envy of all the people you meet. If you are thinking that these skin care tips are about buying expensive products, you could not be more wrong.

Having a daily routine of skin care that you follow religiously, as well as good health habits in general, will make the difference between a rough and opaque skin, and a soft and fresh complexion, no matter what your type of skin. It does not take long to implement these tips, but consistency is the key.

If you are still young and have that perfect skin of youth, keep in mind that your appearance is fleeting. If you do not take the time to properly care for your skin now, within 10 or 20 years, you will clearly see the signs of neglect, and so will everyone you know. Smoking, tanning and a poor diet will leave you with a skin that looks like a pair of rickety shoes. Nobody wants that, so plan to take good care of your skin now. If you are older, you can not go back in time, but good skin care can help stop the signs of aging.

Here are some excellent skin care tips to make you look fresh and charming, no matter how old you are.

1) Avoid smoking and drinking excessively.

It is okay to have a glass of wine or a cocktail occasionally, but drinking too much can age faster. Both cigarettes and alcoholic beverages contain toxins that are terrible for the skin. Smokers are well known for premature aging due to the constant pursing of lips around a cigarette, and deadly toxins in cigarettes. Smokers usually form wrinkles at a much younger age, and those who hit the bottle forcefully develop early wrinkles and have stained skin.

2) Use sunscreen.

This can not be said enough: exposing yourself to the sun in excess will give you wrinkles and a skin that looks more like your leather furniture than the cool, wet ones. While some people think that they simply can not be without a "golden glow" from the tan, their skin will finally pay the price.

Get in the habit of applying a moisturizer with UV protection incorporated every day, not just on sunny days. During the summer, when the sun is most intense, be sure to use sunscreen on the exposed areas of the skin and be sure to cover yourself when the sun is at its peak at noon. Not only will this keep your skin younger for longer, but it will also help protect you from contracting deadly skin cancers.

3. Hydration: can not say enough that this is one of the most important keys for healthy skin.

Your favorite drink should be water, soft drinks or coffee, if you want beautiful skin. You should also drink water constantly during the day. A sip of water now, but nothing for hours afterwards leads to dehydration. Water removes impurities, helps keep skin hydrated from the inside out and also helps you control your weight.

4) Getting enough sleep is crucial for a great skin.

Not only do you notice the lack of sleep on your skin, but it also affects your overall health. If you are too tired, you are not in your most productive form anyway, so why do not you call him one night and get the rest you need?

Getting enough sleep will help reduce stress levels and give your skin time to regenerate during sleep.

5) Exfoliating to remove dead skin cells reveals a fresher complexion.

Your skin renews itself by producing new skin cells and pushing old and dead skin cells to the surface of the skin. Exfoliation removes these dead skin cells and reveals a more lustrous skin that hides under the old opaque skin cells. Dry skin should not exfoliate excessively; once or twice a week is enough for that type of skin. Oily and normal skin can take more frequent exfoliation; maybe 3-4 times a week. Make sure you use an exfoliant that is appropriate for your skin type and do not overdo it. Your skin is delicate, so do not rub it as if it were the kitchen sink.

6) Throw away the old skin care products.

Almost all skin care products have an expiration date, and it is important to comply with them. The ingredients in these products break down over time and are exposed to air. If you see lotions or creams that separate, or you notice a funky smell in any of your skin care products, get rid of them quickly.

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